The Success Sequence to the American Dream

The Success Sequence to the American Dream

97% who complete the success sequence are not poor

Institute for Family Studies promotes the Success Sequence of getting at least a high school diploma, getting a full-time job, and getting married before having children. These steps in this order are key to living the American Dream. Young adults who complete the Success Sequence, even in the face of big challenges, have a much better shot at achieving success. This is true for every race and economic background in America. In fact, the latest research shows that ninety-seven percent of young people who follow all three steps are not poor as adults.

The Success Sequence works because it’s basically God’s sequence. That aside, If government really wants to address poverty, promoting the Success Sequence should be a priority. Wisconsin’s next budget should include significant funding for public campaign on the sequence and should require the sequence be promoted in some way in public schools.

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