The Multiplied Power of One

The Multiplied Power of One

One parent got involved & made a difference.

Wisconsin’s Human Growth and Development law requires that if a school district has an HGD program, the district must notify parents that they can opt their children out, and they must also have an advisory committee. That committee must have a variety of people on it—parents, teachers, clergy, health care, and others and must meet other legal requirements. Wrightstown School District was out of compliance with this law until a concerned parent notified Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. WILL put the district on notice and the district corrected course.

This is another great example of the multiplied power of one. One parent gets involved, talks to other parents, they take action, and change happens. We encourage parents of public school students across the state to especially watch these HGD committees because they are often out of compliance. Legal groups like WILL can help.

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