The Morality of AI

Many people are beginning to think about AI.

With AI, artificial intelligence, now nearly ubiquitous, many people are beginning to think more seriously about the morality, both the good and the bad, of this beyond-a-brave-new-world technology. A recent report indicated that AI is going to be used to translate the Bible into some of the 6,000 languages that do not have a copy of Scripture. On the other hand, reports are also coming out that some AI technologies can’t clearly give a definition for woman and declares racism is a more dangerous threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.

This is a reminder that just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we have a moral imperative to do it. It’s also a reminder that parents need to be proactive and get at least a modicum of understanding about this technology and start discussing with their children the limitations of AI and its inherent dangers, as well as how it might be used for good.

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