The Influence of Tech with Toddlers

The Influence of Tech with Toddlers

Toddlers with tech sets the precedent.

Institute for Family Studies guest blogger Jane Shawcroft, a media and technology expert, says parents who don’t allow their two and half year-old toddler any tablet or phone time have less trouble with technology attraction when their child is older. Shawcroft recommends parents that allow their young child to use a tablet or phone be very purposeful in that and not use them off the cuff to keep the youngster occupied or quiet.

We’ve all seen it. A parent quickly gives a child his or her phone to stop him from causing a fuss in a store or to just stop her from begging and crying to have the phone or tablet to play games. That kind of technology use sets the child up for technology addictions down the road. Purposeful, consistent parenting is difficult in the short run but pays big dividends in the long run.

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