The Humanity of the Unborn

The Humanity of the Unborn

As the election approaches, life is on the ballot.

As the race for a state supreme court justice heats up, abortion is frequently being referenced. What’s typically avoided when abortion is brought up is the humanity of the preborn. At the moment of conception, a brand new, unique human life is brought into existence. All the fertilized egg needs is the right environment and the right amount of time to grow and develop; the embryo is fully human and as such this new human life has inherent value, worth, and dignity.

Abortion advocates don’t talk about the humanity of the unborn. They use euphemisms such as “reproductive freedom” or “reproductive rights” or “reproductive health care” or “right to choose, which are purposefully designed to make it sound as if someone is being denied something inherently good and to hide that this is a human baby.

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