The Harm of Sperm & Egg Donors

The Harm of Sperm & Egg Donors

Sperm donor feels "kinship" with his offspring.

Daily Mail reports that a sperm donor, Dylan Stone-Miller, who has in his words “fathered” 96 children is now trying to connect with his offspring. He met 2 of the children at the request of their 2 mothers. These women say they have explicitly told the girls that this man is not their dad, that they don’t have a dad. They have a donor. Stone-Miller responded saying it was hard to look at one child and tell her he wasn’t her dad while experiencing what he called a “sensation of kinship.”

This very concerning situation is an incredible example of what happens when we allow adult desires to trump the best interest of children. What’s best for children is to be brought up in the home of their married biological or adopted father and mother. Anonymous sperm and egg donors, designer embryos, two moms, two dads, no dads, no moms…none of it is good for children.

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