SCOTUS Allows Idaho’s Ban on Minor Transitioning Surgeries

SCOTUS Allows Idaho’s Ban on Minor Transitioning Surgeries

This allows the enforcement of the law. reports that late Monday “[t]he U.S. Supreme Court issued an emergency order…allowing Idaho to resume enforcing a state ban on sex-change-related procedures for minors after the law was blocked by a lower court.” The vote was five to three, with the majority being Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, while all three liberals voted against doing so. Chief Justice John Roberts did not publicly indicate how he voted.

This is really good news from the high court. The Vulnerable Child Protection Act criminalizes physicians prescribing puberty-blocking drugs, hormone therapy, and selected surgeries for minors who identify to be transgender. Fines and prison terms can be imposed. Wisconsin passed a similar bill this session that Governor Evers promptly vetoed.

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