Responding to Pride Month

Responding to Pride Month

George counters dedicating June as Fidelity month.

Rather than merely complaining about so-called “Pride Month,” which celebrates all letters in the LGBTQ plus acronym, Princeton professor Robert George has decided to do something about it. He has launched an effort to flip “Pride Month” on its head—dedicating the month not to a specific interest group, but to a moral virtue—fidelity. George proposes dedicating June to “the importance of fidelity to God, spouses and families, our country, and our communities.”


Fidelity is about faith and trust, about being faithful to a duty or to a truth. Fidelity is also about humility because real fidelity requires that. Robert George is on to something. Instead of grousing about “Pride Month,” let’s promote and model humble fidelity to what really matters starting with God and His Word, moving to marriage and family, and then to our country.

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