“Respect for Marriage Act” Has Passed

“Respect for Marriage Act” Has Passed

Senator Baldwin voted yes & Senator Johnson, no.

On Wednesday all US Senate democrats and 12 Republicans advanced the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.” Wisconsin’s Senator Tammy Baldwin voted yes and Senator Ron Johnson voted no. The bill will likely be amended before final passage which means the US House will need to vote on it again. Democrats contend the bill isn’t doing anything other than legalizing same-sex marriage in federal law which the US Supreme Court has already done. Conservatives counter that the bill goes much further and directly endangers religious freedom.

So if the bill doesn’t really do anything, why were the liberals doing a full-court press to get this bill passed in the Senate and to get the concurring vote in the House before January when the GOP takes over? The minute liberals say, “nothing to see here,” we need to know that means there is plenty to see here—and what we see in this bill is danger everywhere.

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