Research Paper on Abortion Pill Reversal Accepted

Research Paper on Abortion Pill Reversal Accepted

Study shows potential to reverse the abortion pill

A research paper on abortion pill reversal written by a neuroscientist professor at a Catholic university, has been accepted by an academic journal after months of challenges and rejection due to the subject of the report. The study supports the potential for using the hormone progesterone to reverse the effects of mifepristone, a drug used for chemically induced abortions. While he is associated with a Catholic institution, the professor maintains that the research is rooted in objective science rather than personal beliefs.

This study validates that the abortion reversal pill can save unborn babies and spare women the trauma of abortion. Also, the article being published in a peer-reviewed journal lends credibility to efforts we’ve made in our state to make sure women know about this pill. Sadly, our governor vetoed a bill that would have added this information to the women’s right to know law.

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