Religious Illiteracy

Religious illiteracy is causing "self-censorship"

According to a new report, Christians who find it difficult to freely express their beliefs in society due to secular intolerance are practicing “various forms of self-censorship.” The report notes that researchers have seen that a high degree of religious illiteracy leads to misunderstanding of how religion informs behavior in different spheres of society and what the legitimate role of religion in the public domain is,” concluding that “Illiteracy, therefore, can consequently be the cause of ‘practical intolerance’ against Christians.”

So what we don’t know can truly hurt us!  Even many Christians today don’t know Christianity is the reason we have hospitals, adoption agencies, inner-city missions and more. The antidote to religious illiteracy and this self-censoring is, in part, parents teaching their children the truth about the rich influence of Christianity in particular.


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