Reclaiming Families From Screens

Reclaiming Families From Screens

5 tips to reclaim your family from screens.

Today’s technology presents unique problems for families. To help, Tom Kersting writing for Institute for Family Studies, offers five tips to reclaim a family from screen. First, keep devices out of teens’ bedrooms. Second, get kids out of their bedrooms and into the family room, Third, bring back the family dinner—without phones. Fourth, pull the plug on your child’s phone or tablet when in the car, and finally, practice what you preach. In general, reconnect as a family with in-person, intentional interaction.

Research is beginning to show that mental health problems increase as apps, games, social media, and YouTube access grow exponentially. Kersting says “Since smartphones became mainstream in twenty-twelve, a full-blown mental health epidemic has emerged among our nation’s youth.” Families being families, parents being parents, is the best antidote we have.

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