Ranked Choice Voting Bill Introduced

Ranked Choice Voting Bill Introduced

Ranked choice voting bill introduced in Wisconsin.

This session state legislators introduced a bill known as ranked choice voting. This bill says voters may vote in the primary for U.S. senator and representative in Congress for any candidate regardless of party affiliation, and the five people with the greatest number of votes for each office will appear on the general election ballot. The bill requires instant runoff voting at the general election for U.S. senator and representative in Congress.  Under instant runoff voting, voters use a ranked-choice ballot and can cast their vote for each office in order of preference.

Republicans have introduced this very controversial bill, and earlier this week other Republicans introduced a resolution that would amend the state constitution to ban ranked choice voting. If ranked choice voting becomes the law, voters will need to fully educate themselves on this type of voting in order to ensure their vote counts.

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