Public Hearing on 2 Tax Bills

Public Hearing on 2 Tax Bills

Public Hearing on 2 Tax Bills

Tomorrow, a state senate committee will hold a public hearing on 2 bills related to taxes.1 bill would establish a flat individual income tax rate of 3.25%. The other bill would eliminate the personal property tax. Those supporting the flat tax approach argue that passing this bill would move us one step closer to eliminating the income tax altogether, which would make us more competitive among Midwest states and even with states such as Texas and Florida which already have no personal income tax.

The goal with any tax-related bill should be to enable families to become or remain independent of government. Strong, independent families are the foundation of our state. When families can keep more of their money rather than paying taxes, good things happen for the individual families and for the state. Truly, as the families go, so goes our state.

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