Pornhub Admits to Profiting from Sex Trafficking

Pornhub Admits to Profiting from Sex Trafficking

Porn feeds sex trafficking.

Pornhub's parent company has admitted in federal court to profiting from sex trafficking and agreed to be monitored for three years as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, the Department of Justice announced last week. Aylo Holdings S.A.R.L., which owns Pornhub and other adult websites, will also pay the U.S. government one point eight million dollars and compensate victims after being arraigned in Brooklyn on a charge of engaging in unlawful monetary transactions involving sex trafficking proceeds.

It should be obvious that porn and sex trafficking are related, but some have been slow to understand or admit, trying to say porn is a victimless activity or addiction. That’s just not true; porn feeds sex trafficking. For more information on both porn and sex trafficking in Wisconsin visit and click on the pertinent slide on the home page.

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