People Are Waiting Longer to Get Married

People Are Waiting Longer to Get Married

This longer waiting effects the birthrate in US.

The institution of marriage is the foundation for every civilized society. That’s God’s good design for humankind. However, marriage is in decline in America. Virgil Walker, writing for Christian post, says, despite that reality, sixty-one percent of women say they want to get married; but women are now choosing to marry later in life. As of twenty twenty-two, the average age for women to marry was twenty-eight point six years. The median age for men to marry has also reached a new high of thirty point five years.

This rising age for first marriages for both men and women has societal consequences if for no other reason than the window of time in which a woman can bear children is shortened, very likely reducing the number of children a couple will have. That contributes to the birth rate problem we have in our state and nation, a problem with very real demographic and economic impact.

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