Next Tuesday’s Closely-Watched Race

Next Tuesday’s Closely-Watched Race

Next Tuesday is the WI State Supreme Court Race

One week from today, Wisconsin voters have their last opportunity to have their say on who will be the next justice on the state Supreme Court. Money is pouring into the state from across the country from stakeholders supporting either the self-described liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz or the self-described conservative candidate Daniel Kelly. Observers say the race will be tight with the balance of the court at stake. With this one election, the high court will either stay four-to-three conservative or flip to a four-to-three liberal majority.

One reason the nation is closely watching this race and so many people are investing in it is that election experts tell us that once again the path to the White House in 2024 goes through Wisconsin. Election reform and any election challenges will end up before our supreme court. People are rightly concerned about whether the court stays conservative or flips to liberal.


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