New Survey Shows Conservative Women Happier

New Survey Shows Conservative Women Happier

Survey shows conservative women are happier.

Brad Wilcox, in an op ed for American Enterprise Institute, writes that the new American Family Survey shows that in women ages 18-55, the group that is the happiest is conservative women. It turns out they enjoy a 15 percentage-point advantage over liberal women in being “completely satisfied” with their lives. And this advantage can largely be explained by the fact that conservative women are 26 percentage points more likely to be married and 24 percentage points more likely to be happy with their family life.

Wilcox points out that the happiest women today are the ones who have ignored the self-centered, anti-family messages. These women are living for their families and experiencing fulfilment in doing so. We need these happy married women to share their experience with the next generation who is being told marriage and family are the surest way to be miserable.

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