New Survey on “The Politics of Gender.”

New Survey on “The Politics of Gender.”

Survey shows increase in belief of only 2 genders.

The Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan research organization Public Religion Research Institute released a survey last Thursday titled "The Politics of Gender, Pronouns and Public Education." The survey found that the share of Americans who believe there are only two genders, as opposed to many gender identities, has increased to nearly two-thirds as issues related to LGBT ideology continue to divide the American public. The data was conducted in March and was based on responses from over 5,000 US adults.

The bogus idea that there are more than two genders is a relatively new idea for people, but as more egregious situations come to light—like biological men playing in women’s sports, schools pressuring children to question their biological sex, doctors preying on minors who are gender-confused, the easier it is for people to believe the truth rather than a lie.

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