New Religious Freedom Index

New Religious Freedom Index

A new religious freedom index has been released.

Last week, according to Christian post, on National Religious Freedom Day, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty released its fifth annual Religious Freedom Index. The study found that sixty-seven percent of Respondents agree that parents should be able to opt their kids out of public-school teachings the believe are inappropriate or contradictory to their values or are “morally objectionable or inappropriate.” In addition, seventy-six percent disagreed with allowing schools to “encourage children to transition their genders.”

Studies like this remind us that not everyone is in agreement with the liberal worldviews and agendas. Not all parents think the state and its agents know what is best for their children. Fortunately, Wisconsin has a great deal of education freedom, that affords many parents options for their children’s formal schooling, from home school to voucher programs.

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