New Poll on Redistricting in WI

New Poll on Redistricting in WI

A new poll shows WI citizens' opinions

A Marquette Law School poll conducted earlier this month asked those surveyed if they favor redrawing the district maps or should the maps created prior to the twenty twenty-two elections remain in place until the next scheduled redistricting in twenty thirty-one. Fifty-one percent of respondents said the current maps should be kept in place. Forty-five percent said the maps should be redrawn now. Those identifying as Democrats were the only group favoring changing the maps now.

Marquette polls are pretty well respected in our state. What this poll tells us is the majority of Wisconsin citizens don’t want the state supreme court messing with the maps `currently in place. Liberals have already filed a lawsuit directly with our high court and the court has accepted the case. Now “we the people” wait to see if the court leaves well-enough alone or interferes.

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