New Dads & Sanctity of Life

New Dads & Sanctity of Life

New Dads & Sanctity of Life

January is sanctity of life month. One aspect of the life issue that doesn’t get a great deal of attention is dads. Doctor Justin Coulson writing at Institute for Family Studies offers tips for new dads in how they interact with their babies: get skin-to-skin, work on your baby talk, play, feed, bathe, love your baby’s mom, be still and soak in the beauty and wonder of your baby. Dr. Coulson says, “If you want to feel like a dad, sometimes it’s best to stand in the majesty of the moment and consider the potential of the little life in front of you.”

A dad’s role and interaction with his children from infants on is different from mom’s but incredibly important. Fathers should sense the wonder of new life as much as moms do and do everything they can to contribute personally and positively to the upbringing of this precious gift they have been given!


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