New Changes Within The WI Supreme Court

New Changes Within The WI Supreme Court

Justice Protaciewicz brings changes to the court.

On Wednesday, Judge Janet Protaciewicz became Justice Protaciewicz when she was sworn in as a member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a move that changed the ideological balance of the court from four three conservative to four three liberal. The newly configured court immediately fired the Director of Courts without cause. More importantly, a lawsuit already has been filed challenging the current legislative maps; and others are clamoring for the court to overturn the state’s pre-Roe abortion ban.

Well, this is already playing out pretty much how many court observers said it would after Protaciewicz won this past April. She boldly proclaimed her progressive bent, adding she will restore what she calls “common sense.” I suspect many will disagree with what this new justice means by “common sense.” Wisconsin’s present and future are at stake in the many decisions this court will make.

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