New Bills Introduced to Reduce Taxes

New Bills Introduced to Reduce Taxes

These bills will reduce middle class & retiree tax

Last week Assembly Republicans unveiled a package of bills designed to reduce middle class and retiree taxes. The package also includes a resolution to amend the state constitution to require a two-thirds legislative vote in order to raise taxes. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says this is another attempt to get Governor Evers to do the right thing after he vetoed tax cuts in the state budget earlier this summer. The pitch is that these proposals are returning the surplus to the people.

Statistics continue to indicate that more people are leaving our state each year than are moving here. We know many of those families are moving to states where income taxes are lower or even non-existent. Keeping strong, independent families in our state, even as retirees, is critical for our future. Smart elected officials will do everything they can to keep taxes low.

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