New Ballot Drop Box Case in the WI Supreme Court

New Ballot Drop Box Case in the WI Supreme Court

The case on ballot drop boxes will begin in May.

Last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted a case designed to overturn the state’s current ban on ballot drop boxes. In 2022, the then-conservative high court ruled state law does not allow for ballot drop boxes any place except the election clerk’s office. This new case, which the court will hear in May, argues that ballot drop boxes at other places are, quote, “critical for voters.” Conservative Justice Rebecca Bradley says the now liberal court is looking to, quote, “increase the electoral prospects of its preferred political party.”

This case is timed to cause chaos and confusion as we head into a major election this fall. Unattended ballot drop boxes away from clerks’ offices are fraught with problems. Just as significant is how our state supreme court is being used to play political games. Elections aren’t games; they are foundational to our constitutional republic.

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