Long-term Effect of Divorce on Children

Long-term Effect of Divorce on Children

divorce is hard on children

In the early seventies, a study was launched to assess the long-term effect of divorce on children. The children were followed for the next twenty-five years. Only seven of the one hundred thirty-one children from the original sample experienced a post-divorce home in which they had a good relationship with a step-parent. At the twenty-five-year mark, only sixty percent had married. Two-thirds decided not to have children. Only thirty percent received financial support for college, as contrasted with ninety percent of children whose parents were not divorced.

The lesson from this study is clear: divorce is hard on children and impacts them for years to come. The idea that kids will be fine and maybe even better if they are out of a tense situation, is simply false. Children are the innocent victims in divorce. Married couples with minor children should do everything they can to stay together because that’s in the best interest of their children.

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