LGBTQ Plus Advocacy Group Campaign

LGBTQ Plus Advocacy Group Campaign

LGBTQ Plus Advocacy Group Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ plus advocacy group, has announced it is launching its twenty twenty-four voter education and engagement campaign “We Show Up: Equality Wins” to reach seventy-five million identified Equality Voters nationwide, including one million in Wisconsin. The group says it will not only work to defeat, quote, “escalating anti-trans attacks,” end quote, but also mobilize Equality Voters this November to deliver resounding electoral victories for LGBTQ plus candidates.

Announcements such as these should remind concerned Wisconsin voters that outsiders are looking to be active in our state with significant funding and extensive plans. With the new legislative maps in play, these groups are looking to seriously impact our state assembly and senate elections, in addition to the presidential and US Senate races.

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