Lawsuit Filed Against WI Department of Public Instruction

Lawsuit Filed Against WI Department of Public Instruction

The suit challenges DPI's rules.

On behalf of School Choice Wisconsin Action, Inc. and two Catholic schools participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jill Underly.  The suit challenges several of DPI’s rules which were not promulgated in compliance with statutory rulemaking procedures, and which exceed the DPI’s authority as set forth in state law.

This is a much-needed lawsuit. For years, DPI has been making extraordinary demands on parents seeking to be part of a voucher program and on the schools participating in one of those programs. Reasonable requirements are understandable; purposefully excessive ones are not. A lawsuit like this helps protect the educational freedom parents want and deserve.

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