LA Fights Against Pornography

LA Fights Against Pornography

LA passed age verification for porn websites.

This past June, the Louisiana governor signed a bill into law that allows the state’s attorney general to investigate adult websites that do not perform age verification, give them thirty days to implement it, and fine them if they do not. This law supplements to a law that went into effect earlier this year that says porn websites must utilize commercial age verification systems that check a user’s government identification or “public or private transactional data” to confirm that a user is at least eighteen.

Louisiana’s law has sparked similar bills in sixteen states. A number of states have even declared pornography a “public health crisis,” because of its damaging impact on children, as well as on marriages and families. Aware and involved families are the best defense on this highly addictive issue. Filter, talk, hold each other accountable to family tech rules. Be proactive!

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