Immunization Exemption Expansion Bill Sits in WI Senate

Immunization Exemption Expansion Bill Sits in WI Senate

This would allow college students to be exempted.

Earlier this year the state Assembly passed a bill that requires publicly funded institutions of higher learning to allow students to be exempt from immunization requirements by claiming a health, religious, or personal conviction waiver. The bill also requires that the institutions notify students of their right to a waiver from immunization requirements and stipulates the institutions cannot require any student to explain or justify his or her objection to immunization. The bill still needs a vote in the state senate.

What this bill does is basically extends the immunization exemptions law, which currently specifically applies to K-12 schools and students and their parents. It seems reasonable to include college-level students in these exemptions. Meanwhile, liberals have offered a bill that would remove the personal conviction option, seeking to restrict health freedom.

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