Green Bay School and Girls’ Sports

Green Bay School and Girls’ Sports

Green Bay to allow boy to play on girls' team.

Media outlets report that last Thursday, a group of about forty parents, some Green Bay school officials, and a lawyer met in a short closed-door meeting regarding a biological male identifying as a girl playing on a girls’ sports team. According to parent Ryan Gusick the lawyer told them Title Nine requires no discrimination on the basis of sex and this boy will continue to be allowed to participate as he wishes. Gusick says his daughters will likely not continue to play because of concerns about the locker room and safety during practice and games.

This issue is now here and will continue unless we get a law stopping it. This lawyer is wrong. The word sex in Title Nine does not mean gender identity. Congress hasn’t passed a law saying that and no court has mandated that interpretation related to Title Nine. It’s time to pass the protect women’s sports bills that have been introduced in our state legislature.

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