Gov. Evers Vetoes Income Tax Breaks

Gov. Evers Vetoes Income Tax Breaks

Gov. Evers Vetoes Income Tax Breaks.

Earlier this week Governor Evers signed the state’s new two-year budget, along with fifty-one partial vetoes. One of those vetoes did away with the top two income breaks, which Republican Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu says quote, “will raise taxes on individual income tax filers making more than $25,520 compared to the plan the legislature approved last week.” End quote. The Wisconsin governor has one of the most powerful vetoes in the country.

The Republican-controlled legislature tried to  reduce income taxes across the board. That’s significant because higher taxes make it harder for families to remain or become independent. The more independent families we have, the stronger our state. With this veto, Evers has given more families a reason to move to states with no or lower income taxes.

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