Gov. Evers Recognizes Pride Month

Gov. Evers Recognizes Pride Month

He recognized pride month & dairy month.

Last Thursday, Governor Evers kicked off both Dairy Month and so-called Pride Month in Wisconsin by issuing proclamations declaring these special month-long recognitions. He used his radio address to celebrate Dairy Month but chose to fly the so-called “Progress Pride Flag” over the state capitol and give permission to any other state entity to do the same in honor of Pride Month. Evers has flown the Pride flag over the capitol each June since twenty nineteen, his first year in office.

Dairy Month celebrates the state’s dairy industry, which make a huge contribution to Wisconsin’s economy. If the governor wants to talk about pride, he should talk about being proud of our family-owned dairy farms and how much they mean to our state and our way of life. Raise a dairy-related flag over the state capitol; that’s something worthy of our pride.

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