Gov. Evers’ Budget Veto Challenged

Gov. Evers’ Budget Veto Challenged

The veto made a 2 yr obligation a 400 yr one!

On Monday, Wisconsin Manufacturer and Commerce asked the state supreme court to strike Governor Evers’ budget veto that went from obligating taxpayers to a $325 per student increase for the next 2 school years, to obligating them to that increase for 400 years. WMC filed the direct action petition on behalf of two taxpayers. The lawsuit relies on a 1990 constitutional amendment the voters adopted that made some significant changes in the governor’s partial veto authority.

Bravo, WMC. Someone needed to challenge this egregious use of partial veto power. Surely no governor has the right to override the state legislature and obligate taxpayers to any tax increase, let alone doing so for four hundred years by simply striking a digit or two and a hyphen. Here’s hoping our supreme court, should it take the case, gets this one right.

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