Gender Dysphoria Rose in Every State Except SD

Gender Dysphoria Rose in Every State Except SD

Gender dysphoria rose 51% in WI in 4 yrs.

A recent report compiled by Definitive Healthcare documents the rise in gender dysphoria diagnoses on a state-by-state basis from twenty eighteen through twenty twenty-two. The report, written from a point of view that supports so-called “gender-affirming care,” which involves prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or cosmetic surgeries, such as castration and double mastectomies, found that gender dysphoria diagnoses increased in every state except South Dakota during the four-year period.

This report shows gender dysphoria diagnoses increased fifty-one percent in Wisconsin in the four-year window. While lower than many states, this is still a significant increase, and it’s largely because of pressure from so many segments of society. We urge parents to actively engage with your children on this issue to help them fight against this assault on how God created them.

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