Focusing on Jesus This Christmas

Focusing on Jesus This Christmas

Take time to remember Jesus this Christmas.

Christmas is less than a week away. The pace is quickening as the days speed by with the hustle and bustle of the season. This week, even as busy as it is, is still a great opportunity to do some very purposeful activities with your family to make sure the focus stays on Jesus. The choices don’t have to be complex to be meaningful and memorable. For instance, each day have a family member randomly pull a Christmas card you’ve received, read it together, briefly discuss it, and then pray for the individual or family who sent it.

Intentionally doing something each day this week refocuses everyone on the real meaning of Christmas. Maybe it’s as simple as baking a batch of cookies, writing a note, and taking both to a neighbor. You’ll find lots of ideas online or come up with your own that you know will work for your family. Use this week to reinforce the glorious truth of the gift of our Savior.

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