Fathers & Flags

A day to honor and be grateful.

Today is Flag Day. And Sunday is Father’s Day. Today we honor one of our most distinctive national symbols and hopefully take time to thank God for the privilege of being an American. On Sunday we honor fathers—those irreplaceable men who bring so much good to their children’s lives. We give gifts, we send cards, we make phone calls, we thank them, and we thank God for the fathers and for the men who have been like fathers to us. It’s time to fly the flag and to make much of the fathers who enrich our lives.

Of course fathers way surpass the flag in importance. There’s no comparison. But both days can certainly be appropriately recognized. This is a great weekend to give the next generation a lesson in patriotism and in what it means to truly honor a father. To all the fathers, we thank you and we wish you a very happy and blessed Father’s Day!

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