Evers Denies CRT Is Being Taught

Evers Denies CRT Is Being Taught

During debate, Evers denies CRT is being taught.

Last Friday during the only  gubernatorial debate in this election cycle, Governor Evers flatly denied that CRT or critical race theory is taught in any of Wisconsin’s public schools. He’s probably right in the sense that our K-12 schools don’t offer a course or program called Critical Race Theory. But he’s either at best naïve or at worst deceitful. Parents have proof that the elements of CRT are definitely being taught in schools across the state as part of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and social emotional learning.

Elected officials as well as candidates need to be careful about how they handle the truth. COVID policies that kept students out of school and forced virtual attendance from their homes, pulled the curtain back, exposing clearly that the elements of CRT are being incorporated in so many ways in government schools. Playing loosely with the truth doesn’t help anyone.

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