Eroding Confidence in the Integrity of our Elections

Eroding Confidence in the Integrity of our Elections

Eroding Confidence in of our Election

Empower Wisconsin reports that Racine’s “polling booth on wheels,” funded in twenty twenty by the infamous was designed to cruise on into certain areas of the city and serve as a remote site for early “in-person” voting. Now mobile polling place is at the center of an elections integrity action filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty or WILL. WILL alleges the city’s use of mobile voting sites throughout the community violates state law governing alternate absentee ballot sites, in part because the way the city uses it offers a partisan advantage.

These types of situations erode confidence in the integrity of our elections. After all we’ve been through regarding election integrity and alleged fraud, you’d think Racine officials would use better judgment. The recent State Supreme Court decision makes it clear absentee ballots are to be returned to municipal clerk’s offices—not to a mobile voting unit.

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