Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences

Elections have consequences

A week from today is Election Day in Wisconsin. Voters across the state will be voting for local officials who will have a great deal to say about the policies and practices that directly impact the lives of those they govern in our counties, cities, school districts, towns and villages and judicial jurisdictions. Early in-person voting ends this Friday, and all absentee ballots must be returned by mail or in person to clerks by the close of the polls next Tuesday, April fifth. Wisconsin Family Council encourages voters to visit myvote.wi.gov for election details.

Elections have consequences, and we can have a say in those consequences by voting for people who share our values and beliefs. That’s especially true in local elections. We urge everyone to check their polling place if they are voting early or on election day because many communities have done local redistricting. We also urge people to get ten others to join them in voting.

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