Election Reform Bill Heads to Evers

Election Reform Bill Heads to Evers

Election Reform Bill Heads to Evers

An election reform bill with bipartisan support is now on the way to Governor Evers. Earlier this week the State Senate gave the final vote on a bill that prevents local officials from closing polling places at the last minute with little to no public notice. Senate author André Jacque says, “In the twenty twenty Spring Primary, the City of Green Bay closed all but two polling places at the eleventh hour,” a move that caused long lines and resulted in some people not being able to turn in a ballot on time.

This is a busy and important election year in The Badger State. Voters need assurance that they can cast a ballot that counts. This bill helps ensure voters are fully informed in advance if a polling place is closing and can make arrangements to be sure their vote is counted. Hopefully the governor will sign this bill and increase voter confidence in our election process.

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