Election Integrity Looms Large

Election Integrity Looms Large

Election Integrity Looms Large

Election integrity looms large in the minds of many voters today in Wisconsin as they go to the polls to cast their ballots in the Fall Partisan Primary. Voters who haven’t already voted early in person or by absentee will find poll watchers or observers at many if not most of the polling locations, especially in larger municipalities. These are people who have volunteered to observe how a specific polling location is operating during the election process. While they have no official authority, they can and should report to the proper authorities any questionable activity.


One of the best ways to ensure we have fair elections is for people of integrity to get involved. Working the polls or being a poll observer is a great way for Christians to help ensure election integrity. Poll workers will be needed for the November general election. Municipal clerks have helpful details. Visit my vote dot w-I dot gov for more information.

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