Election Day in WI for Some

Election Day in WI for Some

Find out if you have an election at myvote.wi.gov.

For some in Wisconsin, today is an election day. Don’t know if you are included in that? We urge everyone to visit myvote.wi.gov and click on what’s on my ballot to see if you have a primary election. If no races or referenda show up, you don’t have an election today. If you do have an election, we urge you to get up to speed quickly on what and who is on your ballot, and then go to the polls between seven a.m. and eight tonight and cast your ballot.

This spring primary election determines the ballot for the spring nonpartisan general election on April second. Every election is important, and every election has consequences. Low voter turnout elections like today means the votes that are cast are more impactful than votes cast in larger turnout elections. If you have an election today, please vote and be part of the solution.

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