Early In-Person Voting

Early In-Person Voting

Early In-Person Voting

Yesterday early in-person voting for the Tuesday, August ninth partisan primary election began in most municipalities across Wisconsin. Absentee ballots have been available for several weeks. To find your polling location and hours for early in-person voting, visit my vote dot w-i dot g-o-v. Sample ballots are also available there, along with information on registering to vote and how to get an absentee ballot. Early in-person voting ends in most places on Friday, August fifth at the close of business.

An early August primary often conflicts with vacations and other summer activities. If you know you won’t be able to vote in person on election day, Tuesday, August ninth—or even think you might not be able to—then we urge you to take advantage of this two-week window to cast your ballot in person in your clerk’s office to ensure your voice is heard and your vote counts.

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