DOE Delays Release of Title IX Regulation

DOE Delays Release of Title IX Regulation

DOE delays release of Title IX regulation.

Responding to growing criticisms from many sectors of society, the U.S. Department of Education reportedly is delaying the release of its controversial Title Nine regulation until twenty twenty-four or later. A Higher Ed Dive article confirmed that the DOE “hasn’t even sent its regulatory plans to the Office of Management and Budget, which can take up to one hundred twenty days to review them.” The Title Nine regulation would have had far-reaching effects on campus due process, free speech, women’s sports, parental rights, and gender transitioning among underage students.

This is good news for sure! Public input really matters! But delaying doesn’t mean the DOE is dropping its dangerous plan entirely. Concerned citizens need to stay alert for this reinterpretation of Title nine to resurface. In the meantime, public schools don’t have to comply with the proposed regulations.

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