Developments in School Parents’ Rights Suit

Developments in School Parents’ Rights Suit

Developments in WI School Parents' Rights Suit.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and Alliance Defending Freedom have brought on two expert witnesses in support of summary judgment in a parents’ rights suit against a Kettle Moraine School District Policy that “affirms” a minor student’s gender transition at school, even over the parents’ objection. The experts specialize in gender dysphoria, asserting that school personnel socially transitioning a minor as is happening in this school district violates widely accepted mental health principles and practice.

If the Waukesha County judge grants summary judgment, then the parents win. This would be incredibly encouraging and right. As the parents’ attorneys argue, not only is the school’s policy harmful to children, it’s an unconstitutional violation of the parents’ rights. School districts statewide and across the country should be watching this case closely.


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