Democrat Led “Gun Safe Summer”

Democrat Led “Gun Safe Summer”

WI Democrats introduce 3 gun-control bills.

Democratic Senators and Attorney General Josh Kaul are introducing three gun-control bills that the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee removed from Governor Evers’ Budget Bill. The bills would require background checks on every gun sale, establish an Extreme Risk Protection Order, and create a sales tax exemption for gun safes, barrel locks, and trigger locks to incentivize safe storage of firearms. Democrats hope these bills will create a “gun safe summer” by reducing gun violence and firearm accidents.

Gun violence, especially in our major cities, is a problem. But more restrictions on gun ownership infringe on constitutional rights. The tax exemption ideas could help reduce firearm accidents, but the best antidote to gun violence is married dad-and-mom families. Research shows children who grow up in these homes are less likely to commit crimes or be the victim of a crime.

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