Consider Embryo Adoption

Consider Embryo Adoption

Consider Embryo Adoption

During Sanctity of Human Life Month, it’s good to consider some great pro-life options such as embryo adoption. With in-vitro fertilization, embryos are created that are not implanted. Rather they are frozen, and if not adopted, are ultimately destroyed. Embryo adoption allows couples using IVF to arrange for the extra embryos to be placed for adoption and couples seeking to adopt an embryo can apply through an agency. The cost for embryo adoption is typically significantly less than traditional adoption.

Adoption, whether traditional or embryo, is incredibly pro-life. Embryo adoption helps with one of the ethical problems with invitro fertilization—excess embryos. These embryos are human beings; they’ll never be more fully human than they are at the moment of conception. Like all embryos, they just need the right time and place to develop. Adoption gives them that.

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