Casino Proposal in Kenosha…AGAIN

Casino Proposal in Kenosha…AGAIN

A proposal for a casino in Kenosha is up again.

In 2015, Governor Scott Walker denied a casino in Kenosha. But that didn’t mean the issue was dead. The Florida Seminoles, working through the Wisconsin Menomonie tribe, is trying again to convince both the city and county of Kenosha that a casino is in the community’s best interest. Much of the negotiation has been done in secret, keeping many local elected officials and the public in the dark. The city council will vote on the proposal on November twentieth, with the county following the next day.

The last thing Kenosha needs or the entire state needs, for that matter, is another casino. Casinos destroy local businesses, increase crime, promote not just gambling problems but other addictions as well, and contribute to family stress. Kenosha residents should be paying very close attention to what’s going on in their community.

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