Bill Introduced to Display National Motto in Schools

Bill Introduced to Display National Motto in Schools

Bill to display national motto in schools.

Earlier this week State Senator Cory Tomcyzk and State Representative Ty Bodden introduced a bill that would require public schools and charter schools to display the national motto, “In God we trust.” Under the bill, the display must meet certain requirements, including that the display is at least eleven inches by fourteen inches, is on a poster, in a framed document, or inscribed on a wall, and that the motto is presented in English. If the bill becomes law, Wisconsin would be the eighth state requiring this display in schools.

These bills drive liberals crazy, but “in God we trust” really is our national motto. In nineteen fifty-six the motto was officially adopted. It appears on all our money, both coins and paper currency. Posting the national motto in classrooms has historical value as well as being a great reminder that God is more than an exclamation word.

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